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Mark Baker

Missing Mark Baker’s voice: law, morality and the Israel-Gaza war

What constitutes a proportionate response to a massacre? MICHELLE LESH interrogates the legal and moral minefield of the war between Israel and Gaza.

A tribute to Mark Baker

Historian, novelist, former ACJC director, and community pillar MARK BAKER died yesterday, aged 63. RALPH GENENDE wrote this eulogy with the help of his wife CARON. It will be delivered at the funeral today.

From chemo to Kol Nidre: writing myself into the Book of Life

Under cancer treatment, MARK BAKER faces the Yom Kippur refrain “who shall live and who shall die” with new insights.

BOOK REVIEW: Frank portrait of a leader who made his mark

DAN GOLDBERG: Michael Gawenda’s biography of Mark Leibler reveals a man of immense conviction and influence, full of powerful contradictions. It tells a compelling story, regardless of which side of ‘the Leibler line’ you stand

Warts-and-all portrait of an Australian powerbroker

Pugnacious community leader, confidant of prime ministers, advocate for indigenous rights - Mark Leibler’s influence is legendary. Michael Gawenda spoke to over 100 people for his just-released biography. DASH LAWRENCE asks him what he learned

‘We now have a community that is divided, dysfunctional and abusive’

Prominent historian Mark Baker told Limmud Oz in Melbourne over the weekend that the Australian Jewish community has lost its capacity to discuss Israel with civility

From Mark to Johnny Baker: ‘Do we have anything to talk about?’

Mark Baker pays tribute to his brother, Johnny, a prominent figure in the Melbourne Jewish community, who passed away last week

Thirty Days review: book characterised by love, empathy and connection to life

"One minute my wife was there. In a flash she was gone," Mark Baker writes in his memoir Thirty Days, which records the final...

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