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Marwan Issa

What now for Israel, Hamas and the people of Gaza?

Will the Saudi-Qatar clash push Hamas into a dangerous corner? – Avi Issacharoff – The Times of Israel 07.06.17 As Gaza’s economy sinks, its ruling...

Developments on Israel’s borders – Hezbollah, Hamas, Daesh

Hezbollah to move into South Syria, just across Israel border – Judah Ari Gross – The Times of Israel 08.09.16 IDF says it’s watching and...

Gaza – two years ago and now

While Netanyahu is busy bragging to the press, Hamas is building army outposts – Amos Harel – Haaretz 30.07.16The threat posed by Hamas' Gaza...

Hamas leader speculates on possible peace

Hamas leader speculates on possible peace, blames Israel – Elior Levy – Ynetnews 26.07.16Khaled Mashal, speaking to Indian journalists in English, made moderate statements...

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