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Israel’s media: free but imperfect

Between the Netanyahu government’s anti-democratic moves and the pressures of a country at war, Israel’s independent media is more important than ever.

Ten podcasts to help you understand Israel

In the third part of his series on Israel's media, ITTAY FLESCHER explores the podcasts the explain Israel to the world.

Israeli media has become a wartime government propaganda arm

A free and open press is essential in holding power to account, especially during times of conflict, but there is growing concern about the erosion of these principles in Israel.

Who’s who in Israel’s print media

In the second of a three part series on Israel’s media landscape, ITTAY FLESCHER explores the world of print and website media.

The Jewish community needs to show it understands Palestinians’ pain  

To constantly insist that empathy for Palestinians is antisemitic runs the risk of obscuring the deeper issues that need to be addressed.

The Israeli government’s attack on free media

Netanyahu has long manipulated the media, but the proposed communications law will subject the media to unprecedented political influence, writes NURIT CANETTI.

Who’s who on Israel’s TV News

Israeli journalist LITAL SHEMESH is about to visit Australia. How authoritative is her view? ITTAY FLESCHER explains the ideological and commercial context of outlets and personalities creating Israel’s news.

Israel’s Communications Minister of Darkness

Minister Shlomo Karhi is proposing a jaw-dropping legislative plan to control the country's extremely public broadcasting.

How Israeli TV channels enabled Ben-Gvir’s rise – for ratings

In 2022, Itamar Ben-Gvir was a marginal opposition MK, but major commercial channels gave him massive exposure.

Israel’s civil crisis reaches pivotal moment

The Knesset is set to pass the first bill in its controversial judicial overhaul next week. Women’s rights and media freedom are government’s next targets.

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