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Did Maimonides ignite the cannabis craze, asks new book about Jews and medicine

The book chronicles the remedies prescribed by the first Jewish doctors and their Levantine counterparts through to today’s cutting-edge innovations

Jewish health advocate trying to turn psychedelic drugs into legal medicine

For much of the past four decades, Rick Doblin has waged an often frustrating battle to get public health authorities to recognise the value of psychedelic drugs

A small ray of hope amid the terrible suffering of Syrians

Ziv, a ray of hope in the Syrian tragedy - Dave Sharma – The Times of Israel 11.06.17 Person by person, life by life, limb...

Israel’s public healthcare system – a model for egalitarianism

Israel's medical field: a model of Jewish-Arab equality and coexistence – Ronny Linder-Ganz – Haaretz 31.03.17 How do Arabs and Jews work side by side,...

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