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‘NIF creates the Israeli society Netanyahu brags about when he travels the world’

“The end of the NIF is the end of Zionism,” says its head Mickey Gitzin, who grew up in a right-wing home and is primed to show the detractors how wrong-headed they are

Searching for peace through backgammon, music and marches

Backgammon, the Mekudeshet festival, a women’s peace march, and a website that translates news into Hebrew and Arabic - Israelis and Palestinians are finding creative ways to bridge the divide

Spanish soccer star wins Israeli hearts with visit to shooting victim’s family

Sergio Ramos won the hearts of Israelis after a match last week when he visited the family of a fan who was killed in a shooting attack on the Temple Mount

“We bring an upbeat vibe but we know everything isn’t OK”: Mekudeshet, festival of hope for Jerusalem

The vibrant and challenging annual arts festival offers a glimpse of the city Jerusalem could become

A trip across divides in Jerusalem

In East Jerusalem, a trip into the unknown - Debra Kaminsept – The New York Times 14.09.16 Mahmoud Muna, a Palestinian bookseller in East Jerusalem,...

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