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Michael Gawenda opens up on anti-Zionism, the Left, and his personal journey

In his new memoir, MICHAEL GAWENDA claims left-wing Jews have been rendered politically homeless by the Left’s hostility towards Israel. MARK DAPIN talks to him about stereotypes, conspiracies and God.

Kushner’s memoir a mix of ‘ spin, absolution and self-aggrandizement’

DAN COLEMAN: Judging by the plethora of negative reviews he has received, writing a memoir is another item for which Trump’s former Middle East envoy is unskilled.

‘To the light of a candle, my grandfather and parents sang plaintive songs in Yiddish’

In this extract from her memoir, RUTH WILSON recalls the warm memories of her grandfather’s Shabbat rituals during her childhood in regional Australia

Tributes pour in for Holocaust survivor and author Eddie Jaku

Author of best-selling memoir lauded as a ‘beacon of hope’ and inspiration to many

Amos Oz accused of ‘sadistic abuse’ by daughter Galia in new memoir

‘My father beat, cursed, and humiliated me… this wasn’t an occasional slap on the face, but a routine of serial abuse,’ Galia wrote; her mother and siblings have defended their father

Obama explains how hard it was to exert influence over the ‘Israel Lobby’

PETER BEINART: In his new memoir, the former president subtly reveals how AIPAC stymied his administration

Obama says Netanyahu would do anything to keep power

In new memoir, A Promised Land, ex-president details his fraught ties with Israeli PM and AIPAC; thousands protest Netanyahu again in Jerusalem

From a hair-do to a guru: the three events that changed Ronni Kahn’s life

Her kibbutz perm, her unfaithful partner and her Indian guru: The OzHarvest founder, whose memoir has just been published, tells Steve Meacham about the moments that shaped her

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