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mental health

Israel’s neglected mental health system struggles to help October 7 survivors

Some 100,000 people have been exposed to traumatic incidents since the outbreak of the war and the system is unable to deal with it.

Osher Günsberg on climate, mental health and what the world can learn from the Jewish Diaspora

LISTEN: Known for light entertainment OSHER GÜNSBERG is very serious when it comes to the environment and mental health. He talks to JOEL LAZAR for a new podcast series.

Pandemic may be harder for Israelis to face than war

Faced with violence, people instinctively pull together. But the virus turns loved ones into potential enemies. In Jerusalem, Ben Lynfield asks trauma experts about how best to cope

‘There are kids who come to Israel on gap year and everything is not OK’

‘I don’t think people are aware of the struggles faced by some of the kids who come to Israel,’ a mental health crisis counsellor in Jerusalem tells Daniella Silverstein

Israel’s evolving attitude to mental health

On the eve of her visit to Australia, Professor Esti Galili-Weisstub talks to ITTAY FLESCHER

Calls for more mental health support for Israel’s ‘lone soldiers’

As advocates claim there has been a spate of suicides of soldiers who have no family in Israel, former soldiers are asking if the army can do more to help them

How Dr Asperger’s diagnosis fitted into the Nazis’ eugenics philosophy

EDITH SHEFFER Dr Hans Asperger was long seen as a resister of the Third Reich, yet his work was inextricably linked with the rise of Nazism

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