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Michael Danby

For all his faults, Michael Danby was not afraid to call out hypocrisy

JULIE SZEGO: We in the media like to admonish politicians for being careerists and opportunists. If anyone breaks that mould, it’s the retiring member for Melbourne Ports

Plan to move Mt Scopus campus is sound but doubts linger over fees

DAVID ZYNGIER: Announcement by the ALP, which would see the main campus shift to Caulfield, is good education policy but won't ease the financial burden on parents

Michael Danby, advocate for Israel, reads the tea leaves of his political future

LEON GETTLER; Having seen his once-safe seat of Melbourne Ports become marginal, and infuriated party leaders with a taxpayer-funded attack against the ABC over its Middle-East coverage, Danby's political future was behind him.

Report: MP Danby charged public nearly $15,000 for Qld trips with wife

The ALP backbencher said he reimbursed the public for three of the trips. Danby also charged taxpayers $4500 for two ads attacking the ABC in the Jewish News

Reports: Danby went to Israel, gave speech while on sick leave

Federal Labor MP Michael Danby took a trip to Israel to attend a conference and gave a political speech after telling the ALP he needed sick leave. Danby said: “I received medical advice to take a complete break and get away. I took that advice”

Labor MP Danby under pressure to retire after ads attacking ABC reporter

ALP leader Shorten furious after the Labor MP took out two taxpayer-funded ads in the Jewish News that accused Middle East reporter Sophie McNeill of anti-Israel bias

Australian media, politician pressured over Middle-East, says journalist

Pro-Israel advocates lobbied media chiefs over coverage, according to a new book by John Lyons, former Middle-East correspondent for The Australian Pro-Israel advocates in Australia...

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