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Michael Sfard

She called a right-winger an ‘arch-fascist’ on Facebook – What happened next?

The Israeli right-wing activist tried to sue left-wing academic Anat Matar. It blew up in his face

Holocaust survivor and Palestinian rights’ lawyer Felicia Langer dies

GIDEON LEVY Felicia Langer, a pioneering human rights lawyer, fought for the enforcement of international law from which Israel excepted itself

Glass is half full or Israeli lawyer fighting for Palestinian rights

In his new book, Michael Sfard remains optimistic about ending the occupation but observes disturbing trends in Israeli society

The Israeli occupation will end suddenly

The Israeli occupation will end suddenly – Michael Sfard – Haaretz 23.01.16 The strength of organisations working to end the occupation and their supporters is...

50 years on, what is West Bank’s status?

50 years since 1967: what is the West Bank's real legal status? – Yonah Jeremy Bob – The Jerusalem Post 26.05.17 Israel accepted the applicability...

The occupation is on trial

The occupation is on trial – Yoav Fromer – Tablet Magazine 26.09.16 What happened in Hebron six months ago was not an aberration. It was...

Israeli writer rejects Hon PhD from Ben Gurion University

Why Sayed Kashua is rejecting his honorary doctorate from Ben-Gurion University – Sayed Kashua – Haaretz 09.07.16 I don't support a boycott of Israeli academia....

Sympathy for handicapped soldier highlights settlement illegality

Settlement house of wounded soldier unites Israeli left, right – Shlomi Eldar – Al-Monitor 07.06.16 Israelis across the political spectrum are united in wanting to...

Energy access another divider in West Bank

Solar energy access drives new wedge into Israeli-Palestinian conflict – Uri Blau – TakePart 06.11.15 Settlers in the West Bank are investing in solar farms...

The occupation impacts also within the Green Line

Israel: The Broken Silence - David Shulman - The New York Review of Books April 7, 2016 Issue A disturbing ‘state of the nation’ analysis...

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