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Middle East

Israel’s media: free but imperfect

Between the Netanyahu government’s anti-democratic moves and the pressures of a country at war, Israel’s independent media is more important than ever.

What can we expect from Penny Wong’s visit to Israel?

The Foreign Minister will meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in an effort to make an Australian contribution to ending the Israel-Hamas War in Gaza.

ASIO chief warns of ‘spontaneous violence’, growing threat in Australia

With murders related to the Middle East in the US, France and Belgium and other? hate crimes  increasing, the Australian government is providing $50 million to upgrade security.

Rabbi in the Mosque: a Jew reaches out to the Muslim world

Join Jerusalem-based Rabbi Elhanan Miller whose animated Arabic videos are reaching millions of viewers across the Middle East. Launched in 2017, his People of the Book initiative today has over 350 videos connecting Jews and Arabs, breaking down barriers by better understanding one another. His only Sydney public event will explore the unexpected challenges and opportunities that he has found connecting conflicting parties through religion. 

Can the two-state solution be saved?

Fierce debate has erupted over an article arguing that the US should use harsh sanctions to force Israel to become a bi-national state.

China wants to broker Israel-Palestine peace talks

China is positioning itself as a regional mediator after brokering the restoration of ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Landmark deal and big promises on climate in Middle East

Israel-Jordan water-for-energy deal; green export ambitions at COP27; Haredim and Arabs less willing to change lifestyle for environment.

The Middle East is running out of water

EcoPeace Director GIDON BROMBERG warns water scarcity is threatening to trigger violent conflict in the Middle East and North Africa

Qatar’s aid program helps build central role in stabilising Israeli-Palestinian ties

Qatar has provided $US3 billion in aid to the West Bank and Gaza over the last decade with Israel's approval, and has recently increased steps to prevent escalations in the Strip

The Australian woman who drills the rules of war into the world’s militaries

Kath Stewart, the Red Cross’s first female armed forces delegate, until recently was based in Tel Aviv and active within Israel and the occupied territories

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