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Mike Pence

Pence tells Knesset that Jerusalem embassy will open next year

US Vice-President provokes walkout from Palestinians, and rebuke from female journalists after they are placed behind men when Pence visits the Western Wall

Muslims, Syrian refugees and others stand up for Jews in St Louis

An initiative by Muslim activists has raised more than US$100,000 to repair and renovate a vandalised Jewish cemetery. Amid the tombstones, Catholic school students...

Trump and the Jews – with just over 2 months to election

Clinton leads Trump by 43 points among Jewish voters in Florida - Jacob Kornbluh - The Jewish Insider 26.08.16 According to a new poll released...

Is Trump becoming ‘unthinkable’ in Israel?

Watching from an Israel aghast, president Trump is just unthinkable, while Clinton has started to look invaluable – David Horowitz – The Times of...

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