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Search this list of names to find your hidden Middle Eastern family history

Your Jewish family name may enable you to trace your history to Cairo, Alexandria, Baghdad, Damascus, Aleppo or Beirut - even if you think you are from European stock.

Purim skit mocking Mizrachi Jews prompts racism outcry

A national religious girls’ school has apologised after the spoof on Mizrachi religious practices prompted viral outrage.

‘I suffered more discrimination for being Sephardi than from antisemitism’

A former student at Moriah College tells ELANA BENJAMIN how the school discriminated against him over his Sephardi background and how, 30 years on, it has changed for the better.

Israel to measure inequality between Mizrahi and Ashkenazi Jews

Israel has avoided measuring socioeconomic differences between Jews of different backgrounds since the 1980s, but that’s about to change.

‘I’m not exotica, I’m Jewish, just like anyone from Central Synagogue’

Many Sephardi and Mizrachi Jews feel their traditions are excluded and invalidated by the Ashkenazi-centric Australian community

Backlash against Melbourne Mizrachi after sole female dumped from executive

ITTAY FLESCHER: Jewish women leaders, Mizrachi members and Bnei Akiva leaders slam removal; Mizrachi chief Danny Lamm rejects gender bias but refuses to explain reason for sacking

Mizrachi figure’s plea after gay student’s suicide during Israel trip

'It is not simple to be LGBT+ and Orthodox. We may not have all the answers, but we are happy to talk about it or direct you to others'

Adi’s fusion of poetry, music and dance puts ‘electricity in the air’

Israeli poet Adi Keissar draws on her Mizrachi background to create verse that speaks out against black racism. Ahead of her visit to Limmud Oz, she tells SHAHAR BURLA how her family background has shaped her work

How pop music captures Israel’s evolving identity

It was no ordinary cover version when a singer at the 70th anniversary gala performance turned a popular anthem into a Mizrachi, or “eastern” song, writes MATTI FRIEDMAN

Do denominational turf wars really matter?

Do endless denominational turf wars even matter anymore? – Jay Michaelson – The Forward 09.11.15 More than anything, Rabbinical Council of America’s and Agudath Israel’s...

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