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Mizrahi Jews

Are Jews White?

Are Jews White? – Emma Green – The Atlantic 05.12.16 Trump's election has reopened questions that have long seemed settled in America—including the acceptability of...

Leading Palestinians & Israelis want Minister to restore PLO dialogue leader’s permit

Adam Rasgon obtains comments from leading Palestinians and Israelis, exclusively for Plus61J, on Defence Minister Liberman’s decision to cancel the entry permit of PLO...

US ‘Jews of Color ‘ in first national gathering

Jews of color get personal and political at first-ever national gathering – Sigal Samuel – The Forward 04.05.16 Presented by the Jewish Multiracial Network and...

The expulsion of Jews from Arab lands

The inconvenient truth about Jews from Arab lands: they were expelled - Adi Schwarz - The Forward/Haaretz 01.06.14 Read article here And see: Witnesses to Iraq’s Farhud...

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