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MK Jamal Zahalka (Joint List)

Thousands protest against ‘Muezzin Bills’

Israeli lawmakers give initial approval to bill targeting mosque loudspeakers – Jonathan Lis – Haaretz 08.03.17 The bill dubbed the Muezzin Law passed the first...

Jitteriness in Jordan

Jordan claims it's business as usual, but growing threats may undermine kingdom – Zvi Bar’el – Haaretz 09.03.17 Worrisome economic data, a million Syrian refugees...

The conflicted identity of Israel’s Arab citizens

For Palestinian citizens of Israel, no place is quite home – Joshua Mitnick - The Christian Science Monitor 31.01.16 Even as Arabs in Israel...

An aberration or a new and terrible trend?

Nashat Milhem: An aberration or the first of a new and terrible trend? – David Horowitz – The Times of Israel 09.01.16 For a wary...

Arab citizens continue protests at Islamic Movement ban

Thousands of Israeli Arabs rally against ban on Islamist group – The Times of Israel 28.11.15 Umm al-Fahm protest is one of the largest in...

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