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Israel, EU reach deal to mutually recognise vaccine certificates

Israel could approve vaccines for ages 5-11 by November; Biden Covid team sees vaccine efficacy waning in unpublished data from Israel

Study in Israel claims big drop in Pfizer protection; experts sceptical

Report says protection against serious illness fell to 80% for general public, and to 50% for over-60s; government announces switch to Moderna vaccine from August 1

While Australia fiddles, Israel has vaccinated 30% of 12-15s

ITTAY FLESCHER: As the Morrison government struggles to get adults vaccinated, Israel is rolling out an aggressive campaign to give the jab to people 12-15

Despite Delta spread, Israeli experts discuss treating Covid as just another virus

Debate follows UK data showing vaccination greatly reduces the rate of serious illness; health experts agree to vaccinate Under 12s in rare cases; borders stay shut till September

Pfizer and PM Bennett discuss potential vaccine swap deals

Israel has 1.4m doses which are due to expire at the end of July; government set to impose fresh restrictions as Covid cases rise, 90% of them Delta variant

Israel to let tour groups in for first time since pandemic began

Likud, Blue and White trade blame as 700,000 doses of Pfizer's vaccine meant for Israel are delayed; Fauci says Israeli study on vaccine effectiveness is misleading

Israel may have reached a ‘sort of herd immunity’, expert says

Eran Segal says virus cases down 97% since January due to vaccination drive; Israeli study finds South African variant can ‘break through’ Pfizer vaccine

Vaccine prevents 99% of deaths, says govt – but supply may be running out

Israeli health officials hail Pfizer shots but warn that Pfizer deal, with two jabs, is enough to inoculate only five million people; vaccinated Israelis will get ‘green pass’ to visit bars

Israel to share vaccination data with Pfizer in return for faster shipments

Privacy activists insist that the firm should receive only publicly available information; 20% of Israelis have received the jab, roughly 10 times higher than the rate in UK and US

Israel negotiates for more Moderna vaccines

As PM talks with company CEO, stall merchants mob shopping mall and vendors open stalls in protest at trading restrictions

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