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Pittsburgh synagogue shooter sentenced to death

The sentencing of Robert Bowers, who killed 11 people in the 2018 shooting, has reignited debates about the death penalty in the Jewish community.

Innovative Jewish groups seek respect from the mainstream

Keshira haLev Fife conducts Shabbat services and Hebrew classes in her native Pittsburgh (and also spread her message in Sydney for a while)

Children’s art from around the world installed at Tree of Life synagogue

An art installation consisting of works submitted by children from around the world was unveiled at the Pittsburgh congregation

San Diego synagogue shooting: The US has betrayed its Jews

JANE EISNER: The United States government is not protecting its citizens. It did not protect the kind woman who was murdered in a synagogue over Passover

EDITORIAL: Christchurch and the horror of white, right-wing terrorism

A white Australian channelled his hatred of Muslims into carnage. No-one should be blaming the victims for their religion, just as no-one blamed the Jews massacred in Pittsburgh

Yiddish now an affirmation of resilience in age of anti-Semitism

JOEL GREY As a son of Mickey Katz, the US comedian and klezmer clarinetist, I grew up with a somewhat complicated relationship to Yiddish. It was, for our family, both a joy and a problem.

Deborah Lipstadt: ‘I wasn’t surprised by Pittsburgh, but I was shocked’

The renowned historian, whose new book on anti-Semitism will be released early next year, says she thought something like the synagogue shooting was going to happen

It was always easy to be a Jew in America. What changed?

HADLEY FREEMAN: The day after Pittsburgh, it already felt as if something fundamental had shifted. All the time US Jews were being shocked by events in Europe, they didn’t realise what was fermenting at home

UK Labour branch rejects motion condemning Pittsburgh massacre

Local activist ‘aghast’ after members said proposal focused too heavily on anti-Semitism. Activist attacks Labour youth for calling Israeli opposition leader Livni a ‘war criminal’

Why an Israeli leader went soft on US anti-Semitism and defended Trump

Naftali Bennett is part of a government allied with right-wing leaders across the world. Many US Jews may never forgive Israel’s cynical Pittsburgh response

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