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Library transformed from closed club to rich showcase of Islamic treasures

ELHANAN MILLER discovers how researchers at the National Library of Israel are utilising digitisation to make its rich Islam and Middle East Collection accessible to Arabic and Persian speakers

Islam and homosexuality

Orlando played host to anti-gay Muslim speaker, just weeks ago – Sarah McClure – Fusion 14.06.16 ‘Death is the sentence. There’s nothing to be embarrassed...

Judaism and homosexuality

Judaism and homosexuality: a brief history – Elon Gilad – Haaretz 02.06.16 The Jewish people have had a far more complicated relationship with homosexuality than...

Bedouin women trapped by polygamy

Polygamy is illegal in Israel. So why is it allowed to flourish among Negev Bedouin? – Melanie Lidman – The Times of Israel 16.02.16 Polygamous...

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