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Coalition’s survival a miracle, but Netanyahu is waiting, ready to pounce

The price of preserving Bennett’s fragile coalition has been no peace initiatives, inertia with the PA and no overt annexations. Yet the polls keep favouring Bibi

Islamist party freezes its Coalition membership in Al-Aqsa protest

Move by Mansour Abbas, will last two weeks; coordinated with Bennett to ease pressure on Ra’am party but prevent a permanent break with the government

Arab party leader makes historic recognition of Israel as a ‘Jewish state’

Palestinians slam Mansour Abbas over statement which says Arab rhetoric calling for an end to Israel as a Jewish state is 'obsolete'

MK Mansour Abbas: ‘I gallop forward, until someone stops me’

RUTH MARGALIT: Is MK Mansour Abbas changing the system or selling out the Palestinian cause?

Shaked delays bill allowing electricity to Arab homes without permits

Tactic prompts Ra’am lawmaker Walid Taha to freeze deliberations on key bill; Interior minister Shaked says she ‘cringed’ at speeches marking Rabin assassination

New Israeli government, same old smoke and mirrors

SAM BAHOUR: Unless one seeks the truth, it is easy to fall for the hasbara-messaging such as ‘shrinking the conflict’ or ‘economic peace’ that Bennett keeps repeating

The destructive spirit of ‘Bibi-ism’ lives on in opposition

EETTA PRINCE GIBSON: Abusive insults, obnoxious misogyny, reflexive disagreement - Netanyahu's title has changed but not his tactics, as he tries to discredit his successor

MK Abbas offers a new deal for Israeli Arabs: more money rather than freedom

GIDEON LEVY: Mansour Abbas proposes to forget about Palestinians trampled under the occupation in return for improvements for those who hold Israeli citizenship

WATCH: Bedouin villagers hope for a better life under new Knesset

Amir Abu Qweder from the unrecognised village of Azzarnug in the Negev speaks about the plight of his community and his hopes for the Knesset with an Arab party in the coalition

‘We don’t know if this government leads to paralysis or initiative; paralysis is more likely’

In the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, BEN LYNFIELD finds pessimism abounds about what lies ahead from the strange coalition that has replaced Netanyahu

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