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Degrading, abusive and cruel: What it’s like for a Jewish woman to get divorced in Israel

“Be as passive as you can”: When ILANA M. BLUMBERG and her husband made the painful decision to divorce, the behaviour of the religious court rabbi desecrated her faith.

Kosher couples go overseas to avoid Israeli Rabbinate

Report finds one in three Israeli couples who had an overseas civil marriage could have had a religious ceremony in Israel.

London calling: traditional Diaspora leaders have lost control of the narrative

Communal leaders have been bystanders at the London protests against Netanyahu. When his judicial coup eventually fails, they will face a reckoning too.

First women pass Israel’s rabbinical exams – but don’t expect to see them leading prayers

Israel will certify the first women under its state rabbinic qualification next week, but no one is offering them jobs as rabbis. TARI STZOKMAN reports.

Women given the right to take Israel’s Jewish law exams

Rabbinate refuses to administer the exams and threatens strike if forced to train women in rabbinic laws

Famous falafel bar fights back against ‘Kashrut shaming’ by rabbinate

Owners began social media campaign after a ruling that outlawed their food during lockdown, leaving them without cash flow to maintain Kashrut approval

Large majority of Israeli Arabs identify as Israelis, survey finds

Some 74% say they are Arab Israeli or Israeli, with only 7% identifying as Palestinians. Survey also finds 75% of Israeli Jews say they are secular or non-Orthodox. Eetta Prince-Gibson reports

‘Unorthodox’ Orthodox weddings challenge the Israeli rabbinate

ELHANAN MILLER speaks to Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz, founder of Chuppot, which offers Orthodox marriage officiation to Israelis unwilling or unable to register with the Chief Rabbinate

We marry our way: more couples tie the knot without rabbis

Study this year shows state-sanctioned weddings in Israel decreased by about 8 percent in the past two years, and by about 15 percent in Tel Aviv

Dear Rabbinate: Stop meddling in our Jewish marriages

Diaspora Jews may remember Jerusalem under the chuppah but I do wish the rabbis in Jerusalem would let us marry the way we want, writes KATE ROSENBERG

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