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Rabbis for Human Rights

Making a difference in the Palestinian territories, one flock at a time

RIC BENJAMIN spends a day walking with a shepherd in the Jordan Valley to protect him from settler attack.

‘I see it is as a duty, a mitzvah to use my body to protect these farmers’

Settlers are attacking ‘Rabbis for Human Rights’ for helping Palestinian farmers. But recent violence may spur the government to act, ELHANAN MILLER reports

Left-wing activists targeted in separate incidents by youths, army

Witnesses say youths attacked left-wing activist at Netanyahu Likud event; in earlier, unrelated incident against activists, the Israeli army blocked 200 activists from planting trees with Palestinians in West Bank

The way to the spring – life under occupation

Occupation 101: an insider's view of the complexity of Palestinian resistance – Samuel Thorpe – Haaretz 17.08.16Journalist Ben Ehrenreich's The Way to the Spring...

Democracy – for Israel a necessity not an option

Defending human rights in a nation under siege: a sermon of sorts – Edward Rettig  – Fathom Journal 12 Spring/2016 Ours is a chaotic and...

Did some Israeli leftists shoot themselves in the foot?

Nawi-Gate: the self-immolation of the Israeli far-left - Eylon Aslan-Levy – Fathom Spring/2016 Whistleblowers and watchdog groups play an irreplaceable role in free societies. They...

Negev Bedouin are indigenous; they are also citizens

Who's really taking over the Negev? – Yariv Mohar and Moriel Rothman-Zecher – Haaretz 06.02.16 The Bedouin are often portrayed as foreign invaders bent on...

Jewish terrorism – 2 views

As a Jew, Israeli and Zionist, I cannot tolerate Jewish terrorism – Ari Shavit – Haaretz 03.12.15 A small group has arisen among the Jewish...

More settler aggression against Palestinians

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian olive pickers in Nablus village – Ma’an News Agency 24.11.15 The Yitzhar settlement has gained notoriety among both Israelis and Palestinians...

Settler violence linked to Palestinian violence

Palestinian attacks fueled by settler violence, senior Israeli commander says - Chaim Levinson - Haaretz 23.10.15 Former West Bank division commander testifies in court against...

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