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Conservative rabbis endorse use of electric cars on Shabbat, but it was far from unanimous

Twin decisions illustrate a divide within the movement over the proper way to preserve the day of rest.

A Talmud page told this rabbi to speak up against what’s happening in Israel

Studying a passage from this week’s designated Talmud readings, RABBI STEPHEN BORODA found disturbing analogies between current leaders and the Jews held responsible for the destruction of Jerusalem.

Rabbinical students now allowed non-Jewish partners

The changed policy reflects increasing acceptance of intermarriage as mainstream to American Jewish life.

First women pass Israel’s rabbinical exams – but don’t expect to see them leading prayers

Israel will certify the first women under its state rabbinic qualification next week, but no one is offering them jobs as rabbis. TARI STZOKMAN reports.

Israel’s Haredi rabbis in a flap over regulation of ‘kosher phone’ market

Delegation of rabbis meets with communications minister to express concerns over planned reform which would threaten their control over what info followers can access

Orthodox, female and running their own shuls, but don’t call them rabbis

JUDY MALTZ: It’s been a long, slow process for Orthodox women determined to enter the clergy. But recent months have seen significant strides

Gloves come off in Sanders Vs AIPAC

347 rabbis sign letter of protest at Sander’s use of ‘bigotry’ over AIPAC; Israeli centre-left leader says Sanders ‘lacks understanding’ of Israel; Netanyahu gently rejects his ‘racist’ tag

When gay rabbis gathered in secret: the untold story of Ameinu

In 1986, before gay rabbis could be ordained, before same-sex marriages were performed in synagogues, a group of LGBT rabbis gathered in secret to offer each other support

18th-century Prague: When you could buy coffee en route to synagogue on Shabbat

250 years ago, the city’s rabbis ruled that coffeehouses in the Jewish quarter were permitted to open on the Sabbath

Orthodox rabbis sign letter of support for bullied transgender teen

Leaders say they are ‘shocked and pained’ to hear of the treatment of Osher Band, who was hospitalised with a brain injury after attack at school

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