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Rafah deadline raises stakes as Ramadan approaches

With an invasion of Rafah looming, no progress on hostages, and Israel’s far right escalating tensions at Al-Aqsa/Temple Mount, the Muslim holy month could be a powder keg.

Israel revokes controversial ‘Hannibal’ Directive

Israeli military revokes use of maximum force to foil captures - Isabel Kershner -The New York Times 28.06.16 The Israeli military has canceled a contentious...

Israel must rebuild Gaza, big-time

Israel must rebuild Gaza, big-time – Ari Shavit – Haaretz 11.02.16 For both moral and political reasons, we cannot be indifferent to the fate of...

Hamas and Da’esh – a complex relationship

ISIS in Gaza - Sarah Helm - The New York Review of Books, Jan 14, 2016 Issue At the end of 2015 the future for...

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