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Ralph Genende

‘I leave with a heart full of hope, a bucketful of dreams’

The Caulfield Hebrew Congregation taught me to not be afraid of change but to be afraid of not changing, says RALPH GENENDE in his farewell speech after 14 years as rabbi

‘Climate change: We have a moral and spiritual responsibility to the future’

RABBI RALPH GENENDE: It is obvious that we have a crisis. Even if you are sceptical of climate science, is it worth taking such a terrible chance?

‘Loneliness expresses the pain and solitude … the glory of being alone’

RALPH GENENDE: Our Jewish community is known for its solidarity, which is why lockdowns are especially painful. After all, what is a Simcha without others to share it with?

‘God is neither male nor female: each gender carries its unique power’

RABBI RALPH GENENDE: While we seem to be making little progress in the advancement of women within the Orthodox community, we may well be experiencing a sea change

Uproar over Moriah ignores the real question about educational choice

SHARON BERGER: I respect the school’s insistence that it has a right to decide who can attend. The bigger question is why do so many non-Orthodox Jews choose to send their kids to an Orthodox school?

Chief Rabbi angry about blacklist; three Australian rabbis included

The Chief Rabbi of Israel is furious that he was not told in advance about the publication of the list. The list includes three...

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