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Rami Aman

Gaza peace activist’s anguish: ‘Israel is fighting everything’

RAMI AMAN has been tortured by Hamas. He speaks to BEN LYNFIELD about friends killed, hostages and the Hamas mindset.

‘I no longer belong to ISIS, I want Hamas to… let me live a normal life’

Poverty and unemployment in Gaza drove many young men to join ISIS; Hamas tortured and imprisoned them. One young man tells RAMI AMAN his story

Gaza peace activist says Hamas forced him to divorce after torture

After months of torture in a Hamas prison, Rami Aman says he was offered an unconventional proposition: Divorce your wife and you are free to go

Hamas frees Gazan man who held Zoom meeting with Israelis

Rami Aman was arrested in April, with seven members of his Gaza Youth Committee group, after holding a ‘Skype With Your Enemy’ conversation with Israelis

Hamas charges three Gaza activists over peace video call with Israelis

Rami Aman and two others indicted for ‘weakening revolutionary spirit’ by joining ‘Skype With Your Enemy’ conversation; they have been held without trial since April

Case against Hamas filed at UN after Gaza activist detained for contacting Israelis

70 NGOs protest the April arrest of peace campaigner Rami Aman, who arranged video conference with left-leaning Israeli groups

Hamas arrest Gaza peace activists over Zoom chat with Israeli activists

Amnesty researcher accused youth leader Rami Aman and others of betrayal, prompting Hamas to arrest them; Aman not seen since.

Mohammed’s battle for a better future for the people of Gaza

Manar-El-Sharif talks to Mohammed Mater, lawyer and social activist about the fallout after Hamas arrested him for helping to organise a bike ride with Israelis

Hamas arrests three local activists after Gaza ‘bike for peace’ ride

ELHANAN MILLER: Three Gaza Youth Committee leaders have been accused of 'normalising' relations with Israelis over their organisation of the peace ride last month

Hamas arrests Gaza peace activist over conference call with Israelis

Rami Aman, head of the Gaza Youth Committee, was released after being interrogated and accused of collaborating with Israeli spies, reports ELHANAN MILLER

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