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The sisterhood’s sickening silence over Hamas’s sexual atrocities

I waited, and waited, for a peep from my non-Jewish sisters. Finally, last Friday a statement; the time lapse exposed a deep and silent antisemitism. 

Eilat gang-rape: 11 indicted, four for rape, seven for assisting

Drinking too much and standing by, seven are charged with seeing all and saying nothing, while four others are indicted for rape of 16-year-old girl in hotel

Eilat gang rape: something needs to change in parenting, schools, society

The sickening rape of a teenage girl has sparked national outrage and protests across Israel. We need to instil new values and parameters for how to raise boys, writes ITTAY FLESCHER

When police said Palestinian was not rape suspect, media went cold

The media played a key role in turning a Palestinian man into the top suspect in a recent child rape case. But ever since charges against him were dropped, the press seems to have lost interest in the case.

Palestinian child rape suspect freed due to lack of evidence

Experts say future debriefings in racially inflamed cases must be geared toward structural and procedural improvements, and not focus on getting heads to roll

Charges in rape of seven-year-old girl may be dropped if case not verified

As prosecution of Palestinian suspect stalls, widespread disgust vented at cynical calls by right-wing leaders, including Netanyahu, who played the racist card

When Orthodox upbringing meets a girl’s modern sexual reality

Growing up in a religious family where premarital sex was forbidden and sex wasn’t discussed, I wasn’t taught how to deal with the dangers I’d face

‘The world’s most moral army’

After the Hebron shooting by a soldier, on 24 March 2016, debate continues about the IDF and its rules of engagement. Of equal concern...

Are Middle East rapes causing social change?

Rape in the Middle East and women-led organizing: is social change on the horizon for Syrian refugees? – Lilith 07.10.15 As desperate refugees continue to...

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