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UK rapper says he won’t ‘be silenced on Palestine’ after push to remove him from Spotify

UK group We Believe in Israel is lobbying to remove Lowkey’s music after calling his songs 'problematic’; thousands of Middle East scholars sign boycott of Israel resolution

L’Chaim OG: Cousin of singer Prince is a Haredi rapper living in Jerusalem

Zecharya Yishai Levine was raised in a black Christian family of civil rights activists in Minnesota; now, he finds himself studying at a yeshiva in Israel and unwilling to leave

WATCH: Israeli-Palestinian duo promote co-existence with racist taunts

Palestinian rapper Sameh Zakout and Jewish-Israeli educator Uriya Rosenman spew racist remarks at each other in a viral video

Chasidic rapper on creativity, spirituality and his Covid recovery

Just after his 34th birthday, the singer Nissim Black speaks at length about his music, his faith and his communities

12-year-old rapper from Gaza advocates for peace, and gets offered a label

MCA Abdul talks influences, aspirations and isolation with the founder of Palestinian hip-hop group DAM.

UK rapper’s social media accounts frozen after anti-Semitic posts

Wiley dropped by his management over anti-Semitic posts; his Twitter account also temporarily locked while Instagram said it had deleted some of his content

Meet the Orthodox Jewish rapper defying all stereotypes

Fight and guilt led black rapper to find God When Nissim Baruch Black was 25, the Seattle-born rapper got into a fight with another artist,...

Is this racist rapper acceptable to Likud?

Notorious anti-Arab Israeli rapper joins PM Netanyahu's Likud party – Peter Beaumont - The Guardian 04.08.16 Yoav Eliasi (Hatsel - The Shadow) was sponsored by...

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