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The beauty overlooked in the Voice debate

The focus on disadvantage and the vitriol are obscuring the positives of the referendum, argues HANNAH HAMMERSHLAG.

Jewish community says Yes to The Voice

Indigenous leader MARCIA LANGTON launched Kol Halev, the Jewish campaign for The Voice with a plea for an Australia where people of all backgrounds have an ‘honourable place’.

Bringing the Yes campaign to shabbat tables

A new program is bringing Australian Jews together around shabbat tables to understand Indigenous issues and promote a Yes vote in this year’s referendum.

‘Colonisation divided us, the Uluru Statement will unite us’

Nicole Laupepa and Jacqui Parker developed the Walking Together workshops to help Australians understand the Uluru Statement. Here they discuss their working relationship.

Memory, land, justice: why every Jew should vote for an Indigenous voice

As a people intimate with powerlessness, endurance and the lure of ancestral land, Jews should respond to the Prime Minister’s Garma speech with energy and empathy, writes RALPH GENENDE.

‘Reconciliation is more than a word: it needs a voice’

THOMAS MAYOR: When people learn about the Uluru Statement from the Heart, they are likely to vote yes in a referendum – but Australians must first convince politicians to hold one

Would an occupation referendum end Israeli government deceptiveness?

Israeli group ‘Decision at 50’, which includes senior ex-security chiefs, has called for a referendum on the future of the occupied territories ahead of...

Would a referendum on future of West Bank be wrong?

A referendum on Israeli occupation is not just risky - it’s wrong – Mira Sucharov – The Forward 06.09.16 Any public reckoning around the occupation...

Ex-security men urge referendum on future of occupied territories

Most Israelis support referendum on two states – Lahav Harkov – The Jerusalem Post 05.09.16 Israeli group ‘Decision at 50’, including former Shin Bet chief...

Hamas leader speculates on possible peace

Hamas leader speculates on possible peace, blames Israel – Elior Levy – Ynetnews 26.07.16Khaled Mashal, speaking to Indian journalists in English, made moderate statements...

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