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Reform Movement

US Reform leaders speak candidly to Netanyahu re Western Wall deal, settlements

No such candid questioning by Jewish leaders was reported when Netanyahu recently visited Australia. Netanyahu tells US Jewish Reform leaders: I’m committed to Western Wall...

The Jewish centre cannot hold?

Trump era heralds final collapse of American Jewish centre – Peter Beinart – Haaretz 30.11.16 Crushed between rising extremes, the establishment's wish to stay liberal...

US racism and Jewish occupation blindness

The problem Isn’t Black Lives Matter. It’s the occupation. – Daniel May – Tablet Magazine 15.08.16How Jewish criticism of the rights group reflects our...

The human solidarity of Sadiq Kahn

“Notice what Khan didn’t say. He didn’t say he refused to be an exception  because he’s Muslim. He said he refused to be...

Israel cuts funding for Jewish pluralism

Israel cuts funding for Jewish pluralism NGOs, may give funds to Orthodox groups instead – Haaretz 24.01.16 Groups curtail activities as Education Ministry funding earmarked...

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