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From Sydney to Gaza: ‘Places where life is raw are enormously rewarding’

TOM WHITE'S path has taken him from suburban Sydney to head of the UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees in Gaza. He tells BEN LYNFIELD about the rewards and challenges of his work.

Project Dignity helps repair the world for refugees in Australia

ANNA GAME-LOPATA: When Covid struck Melbourne, two members of Temple Beth Israel ramped up their charity initiative to feed, house and help heal destitute asylum see

On the women’s faces, that look which says: ‘How is this possible?’

On his recent visit to Poland and Germany, ARNOLD ZABLE finds the victims of a new war intermingling with the ghosts of an old one. His journey begins in Krakow.

Jewish communities across the US helped resettle 1,900 Afghan refugees in past year

On the first anniversary of the end of the chaotic US pullout from Afghanistan as Taliban regained power, evacuees and Jewish volunteers reflect on the struggles of starting over

New poll finds Israelis split on Ukrainian refugees based on religiosity, politics

Most back the government’s limited sanctions but disagree over refugees’ political beliefs; Ukrainian refugee wins the Jerusalem Marathon

Ukraine saw Abramovich as mediator, asked US not to sanction him

Wall Street Journal reports Biden wanted him dropped from sanctions list but US officials were sceptical about his value as a mediator

Israeli field hospital in Ukraine due to open today

As teams arrive, debate rages over Israel’s divisive refugee policy: government tells High Court not to intervene, David Grossman expresses ‘deep sense of shame’

Memo to Israeli leaders: the Torah says welcome the stranger, Jewish or not

EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON: Destitute refugees will not destroy the Jewish fibre of Israel. But xenophobic politicians trying to guard the ‘Jewish character’ of the state will do just that

Synagogue becomes a bomb shelter in Ukrainian Jewish pilgrimage town of Uman

Tens of thousands of elderly Jews have remained behind in Ukraine; Israeli envoys roll up their sleeves and lead the humanitarian push on Ukraine’s borders

‘People asked me not to take photos; it’s understandable; they’re at their lowest point’

Elhanan Miller meets Israeli photographer Maya Meshel, who travelled to Moldova to help refugees, armed with baby formula, warm clothes and her camera

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