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UK Jews nervous that Israel’s new envoy has too much of the Right stuff

COLIN SHINDLER: Mainstream UK Jewish organisations have put out a tepid welcome to Tzipi Hotovely the first Israeli woman ambassador to the UK

How this election turned into a men’s club

EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON: Yes, there are a few female minor party leaders. But in a campaign devoid of issues that matter, women’s issues matter even less.

‘What do you expect a Palestinian artist to paint – sunsets and flowers?’

BEN LYNFIELD: If the ‘Loyalty in Culture’ bill becomes law, says the curator of Israel’s largest Arab art gallery, ‘it will be a building without spirit, without content, without soul’

Israeli government boycotts opening of its own film festival in Paris

Culture Minister pulls out in anger at organisers’ decision to open the festival with Foxtrot, a film that casts a critical light on the Israeli army

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