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Beyond the hostage deal: Best of the analysis

Israel has agreed to extend the ceasefire for two days in exchange for 20 more hostages. Analysts explore what the hostage deal means for strategy, ethics and the future of Israelis and Palestinians.  

These are the children waiting to be freed

Almost 40 children are among about 240 hostages in Gaza but not all of them may be freed under the Hamas-Israel deal.

Thirteen hostages scheduled to be released today 

The first hostages, probably about a dozen children, may be released on Friday, Israel time, with a four-day ceasefire in Gaza beginning at the same time.

Behind the scenes of the intense talks that led to the hostage deal

A multilateral group set up by Qatar with the personal involvement of President Biden brokered the deal announced on Tuesday.

Hope of a deal to release dozens of Hamas hostages

A mooted agreement would involve a pause in fighting of four to five days in exchange for the release of 50 of the approximately 240 hostages.

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