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Ukraine’s Christian military chaplains take a class in Judaism

They learned about the needs of Jewish soldiers and Jewish concepts including kashrut, shabbat, tzitzit and tefillin.

Mounting a Jewish argument against US abortion bans

Anti-abortion activists frequently use religious arguments, but some Jewish campaigners are arguing they have a religious right to abortion. Legal scholar ELIZABETH REINER PLATT explains.

US Supreme Court puts burden on employers to accommodate religious practices

Ruling on employee Sabbath observance has far-reaching consequences for observant Jews.

Yuval Noah Harari warns AI can create religious texts, may inspire new cults

Historian, philosopher and author says technology could attract worshipers ready to kill in the name of religion, urges tighter oversight and regulation of sector.

Israeli Jews love Cyprus, but it has religious equality problems too

Many Israels marry in Cyprus to avoid the rabbinate and an increasing number are migrating there. But minority faiths face problems in the Orthodox Christian state.

Therapy is an unsatisfactory substitute for religion

More people are seeking the answer to life’s big questions in therapy, but TARA ISABELLA BURTON argues self-care can’t replace the shared cultural narrative of religion.

US Court effectively allows discrimination against Jews

Tennessee judges have dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Jewish couple who were told by a state-funded agency that they would not place a child in a non-Christian home.

NSW government announces $28 million for multicultural communities, prioritises security

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies has welcomed new investment in multicultural communities, which gives top priority to security for places of worship.

Memo to Israeli leaders: the Torah says welcome the stranger, Jewish or not

EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON: Destitute refugees will not destroy the Jewish fibre of Israel. But xenophobic politicians trying to guard the ‘Jewish character’ of the state will do just that

Israel’s minister for religious services delivers a blowtorch to Haredim

Matan Kahana, an Orthodox Jew, has overhauled Kashrut supervision, and is now turning to conversion, as he seeks to remake the state’s role in religion

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