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Religious Zionists

What Diaspora Jews should do to counter the rise of Ben-Gvir

JONATHAN FREEDLAND argues that frustrated Diaspora Jews are not powerless. They can direct time and money to Ben-Gvir's opponents.

Far-Right wins control of West Bank as Coalition negotiations continue

Likud has acceded to Religious Zionism's demand for some of the powers of the Civil Administration, which is under the Defence Ministry.

Netanyahu is back, giving far Right unprecedented power

In a massive backlash, Israel’s Left has been decimated. Meretz is unlikely to pass the electoral threshold while extremist nationalist Religious Zionists have more than doubled their seats.   

Diaspora community leaders speak out against Ben-Gvir’s Religious Zionists

DEBORAH STONE: Australian Zionists cannot support the inclusion of Ben-Gvir’s party in a future government, says Zionist Federation of Australia president JEREMY LIEBLER.

Does Israeli ‘peace camp’ need a larger tent?

Looking beyond Rabin Square – Natan Odenheimer – The Jerusalem Post 17.06.17 Activist Noam Shuster-Eliassi believes the Israeli ‘peace camp’ is too Ashkenazi and secular,...

The past 50 years of Israeli occupation – and the next?

The past 50 Years of Israeli occupation. And the next. – Nathan Thrall – The New York Times 02.06.17 Israel’s ability to keep control of...

The rise of Caesarism

Forget fascism: in the US and Israel, Caesarism is on the rise  – Ofri Ilany – Haaretz 16.12.16 Trump's direct appeal to the masses via Twitter...

In Israel – the great rift

The great rift - Uri Avnery - Jewish Business News 24.07.16The Zionist perception that all Jews are the same, with slight differences of language...

Culture war as extremist Zionist-Orthodox rabbis try to shape Israeli army

In addition to recent controversy over comments by new IDF chief rabbi Eyal Karim, the head of a state-funded IDF pre-conscription preparatory academy in...

Israelis grapple with Pew finding of support for Arab expulsion

Israelis grapple with Pew finding of support for Arab expulsion – Ben Sales - Jewish Telegraphic Agency 08.03.16 In a survey that spanned politics, religion...

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