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Hamas does not represent me

Writing these words from a bombed out building in Gaza could cost ABDULLAH his life. But he wants Israelis to understand that many Palestinians do not support Hamas.

A turning point for Palestinians

Hamas’s success in humiliating Israel has given Palestinians in the West Bank greater motivation to attack Israeli targets.

Graffiti has become the visual language of resistance across the West Bank

The messaging behind the graffiti on the barrier can be best understood through the term 'sumud', which translates to 'steadfastness' - resilience in light of adversity

‘Wishful thinking’ that Hamas will sign a peace accord with Israel

COLIN SHINDLER: Fatah drifts in a nationalist limbo and Hamas pursues an Islamist mission against Israel. Yet the international Left cares more about resistance than reality

50 acts for democracy and peace in this 50th year of the occupation

50 acts of resistance for 50 years of the occupation – Talia Krevsky & Dana Mandler – Haaretz 28.05.17 Thought the battle over 1967 was...

Allies for Middle East peace

Peace alliance seeks to move beyond sharing a plate of hummus – Dov Lieber – The Times of Israel 11.04.16 With aid of umbrella network,...

PLO in Cairo for Arab League meeting

PLO delegation arrives in Cairo for Arab League meeting – Ma’an News Agency 05.12.15 The 5-day conference is expected to discuss Palestinian refugee issues, the...

Cabinet not following IDF’s advice

On Palestinians, a wide gulf between the army and the Cabinet - Amos Harel - Haaretz 26.11.15 Before the current wave of violence began, the...

Have I got news for you

Encountering peace: have I got news for you - Gershom Baskin - The Jerusalem Post 26.11.15 ‘If this wasn’t so serious, I might even laugh...

Tragedy of the Arabs in Israel

Victims if they do, or they don’t – Ravit Hecht – Haaretz 21.10.15 The demand to choose one side or the other in such a...

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