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Reuven (‘Ruvi’) Rivlin

Israel – more of the same or change brewing?

Five very different takes on possibilities for change: Is Bogie Ya’alon the next Ariel Sharon? – Amir Tibon – Tablet Magazine 25.05.16 Why a ‘political earthquake’...

Confederalism: a Third Way for Israel-Palestine?

Confederalism: A Third Way for Israel-Palestine – Dahlia Scheindlin & Dov Waxman – The Washington Quarterly, Spring, 2016 Given dim current prospects for reaching agreement...

IDF general challenges Netanyahu’s suffocating Holocaust analogies

IDF Deputy Chief likens 'revolting trends' in Israeli society to pre-Holocaust Germany – Gili Cohen & Barak Ravid – Haaretz 04.05.16 'On Holocaust Remembrance Day,...

Rivlin on Israeli-Palestinian confederation

Why President Rivlin supports Israeli-Palestinian confederation – Akiva Eldar – Al-Monitor 26.04.16 Israel’s first citizen understands the vision of his hero, the revisionist Zionist leader...

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