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Music festival survivor: ‘I said goodbye’

AMIT MUSAEI thought he was about to die but managed to escape from the Supernova music festival massacre. He recounts his harrowing ordeal to MICHAEL VISONTAY.

Short successful Gaza Operation may boost Lapid at polls

Lapid can now shake off the charge of immaturity and inexperience. He even got Benjamin Netanyahu to a briefing.

Rockets blind us to the human on the other side

ITTAY FLESCHER: Just last week, Israeli and Palestinian families met for a beach day in Tel Aviv. But when hostilities resume, we can't see there are victims across the border, too.

Israel holds back from Gaza rocket response due to talks with Hamas

Bennett holds fire to support progress in talks with Hamas; seeks guarantees the Hamas will not divert Qatari aid from poor Gazans for military activities

Calm restored in Jerusalem and Gaza after clashes and border attacks

Onus is now on Abbas to ensure violence doesn’t flare up again in Old City; cars torched, graffiti sprayed in Palestinian village near Jerusalem Calm...

Barricades removed at Damascus Gate after days of violence

Officials defuse tension in Jerusalem sparked by Ramadan clampdown; government has no strategy for de-escalation; Hamas exploits clashes with rockets from Gaza. ITTAY FLESCHER VIDEO: Jerusalem says no to violence

Video shows IDF bulldozer dragging Gazan’s body after border incident

Army says it shot two Palestinians after they tried to set explosives near border fence; says it bombed Islamic Jihad in Syria, Gaza after rocket fire aimed at southern Israel

Netanyahu restrained over ‘accidental’ firing rockets at Tel Aviv

With corruption hanging over him, and Gantz in the spotlight over phone hacking, PM knows war in Gaza would cause more trouble than it’s worth

Two rockets fired at Tel Aviv from Gaza: no injuries or damage

Sources say Islamic Jihad behind the attack. Iron Dome intercepts one rocket; second falls in open area; Netanyahu calls emergency security meeting

Principal in trouble after venting relief that Gaza rocket didn’t kill Jews

Hearing looms after celebratory WhatsApp message that man killed in Ashkelon was Palestinian; in separate incident, police accused of brutality in detaining Ethiopian student

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