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Roni Daniel

Netanyahu again favours reactionaries and settler right

How Israel lost its latest chance for a peace process - Bernard Avishai - The New Yorker 25.05.16 The real question is whether, by making...

Israel – more of the same or change brewing?

Five very different takes on possibilities for change: Is Bogie Ya’alon the next Ariel Sharon? – Amir Tibon – Tablet Magazine 25.05.16 Why a ‘political earthquake’...

The West Bank’s ‘wildest, most violent’ areas

A window into the West Bank’s ‘wildest, most violent’ areas – James Glanz – The New York Times 23.05.16 ‘The Settlers’, a documentary by Israeli-American...

Coalition reshuffle highlights a conflict within the right

Israel has turned right and exposed the battle within - Jonathan Freedland - The Guardian 21.05.16 PM Netanyahu’s brutal coalition reshuffle exposes a conflict within...

The opportunity in Israel’s political crisis

The opportunity in Israel’s political crisis – Naomi Chazan – The Times of Israel 23.05.16 Netanyahu’s latest political move may be yet another step in...

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