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Netanyahu’s secret weapon: immigrants from Russia, France, US

In the past 20 years, some 600,000 new immigrants came to Israel – principally from Russia, France and North America. They may be the real reason that the country's politics is now fixed on the right

The Religious-Zionist vision – an Arab-free theocracy?

Arab-free theocracy: veteran settler offers rare glimpse into Religious-Zionist vision for Israel – Yossi Klein – Haaretz 16.06.17 Daniella Weiss opens up to the Haaretz...

Does Israeli ‘peace camp’ need a larger tent?

Looking beyond Rabin Square – Natan Odenheimer – The Jerusalem Post 17.06.17 Activist Noam Shuster-Eliassi believes the Israeli ‘peace camp’ is too Ashkenazi and secular,...

Two-state advocates must address security & multiple constituencies

Yom Kippur for the ‘Peace Camp’ – Ned Lazarus – Israel Policy Forum/Matzav Blog 11.10.16 The Day of Atonement this year was bookended by a...

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