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Sacha Baron Cohen

Antisemitic incidents across Europe and US, and in social media

Multiple incidents reported in US, UK politicians appeal for calm on British streets; Sacha Baron Cohen blasts Twitter CEO over passivity on social media antisemitism

Borat sequel a parable for US ‘slide into authoritarianism’: Baron Cohen

British comedian calls Trump an "overt fascist"; sequel exposes real-life Jew-haters, creepy conservative fathers — and Rudy Giuliani in entrapment seduction scene

Jury is unimpressed with Sacha Baron Cohen’s new spy show

Critics are mostly down on the new Netflix series about Israel’s most famous spy: One says it’s bends the truth too far, one thinks it’s plodding, others like Sacha as a serious actor

The Israeli martial arts expert behind Sacha Baron Cohen’s character

He teaches martial arts to celebs, has a background in counterterrorism and people won’t stop telling him looks just like Sacha Baron Cohen’s Israeli character - meet Matan Gavish

Sacha Baron Cohen makes American Jews squirm with latest character

Posing as Israeli colonel Erran Morad, he has tricked a few politicians, as well as gun rights activists, into supporting a fictitious character

From ‘Fiddler’ to ‘Grimsby’: Sacha Baron Cohen comes full circle

Sacha Baron Cohen's long journey from Anatevka to 'Grimsby ... – Dan Friedman – The Forward 11.03.16 And how Ali G, Bruno and Borat are...

Xenophobia, racism are trumps

Israel silenced Meir Kahane. Should the US do the same with Trump? – Liel Leibovitz - Tablet Magazine 11.12.15 In curbing the rise of an...

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