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Dispossession of Palestinian agricultural land in the West Bank

Photo Blog: Expel and Exploit – Faiz Abu Remelh for B’Tselem Report December 2006 These photographs accompany a just published B’Tselem report that illustrates mechanisms...

Unequal access to water in West Bank

Palestinians say Israel caused their summer water shortage – Mohammed Daraghmeh & Daniella Cheslow – abc News/Associated Press 28.06.16 Former Australian Gidon Bromberg, of EcoPeace...

To BDS activists he’s now a traitor

Bassem Eid made B’Tselem famous by reporting Israeli abuses. Now he’s a traitor. - Joshua Muravchik - Tablet Magazine 18.11.15 Arab human rights activist and...

Israelis & Palestinians rally for coexistence and equality

Israelis, Palestinians protest causes of violence in Jerusalem – The Huffington Post Australia 17.10.15 Some 1,500 activists gathered to say the Israeli occupation must end...

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