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Abramovich to sell Chelsea FC as pressure for sanctions against oligarchs grows

Israeli foreign minister warns cabinet ministers against helping Jewish oligarchs with ties to Putin, many of whom have donated heavily to Israeli causes

Yad Vashem, chief rabbi want Putin’s friend Abramovich spared from sanctions

Holocaust museum denounces Ukraine invasion but lobbies US to insulate billionaire from sanctions; Abramovich last week gave the museum an eight-figure donation

Legal advocate for Palestinian terror suspects stripped of committee role

Lea Tsemel, whose work was documented in an award-winning film that sparked controversy, loses post as head of military tribunals committee

US Secretary of State confirms Israeli intelligence’s nightmare over Iran

BEN CASPIT: The scenario Israel's security and intelligence chiefs feared the most is now becoming reality: Iran is being pushed to the wall by the United States and therefore is shortening its "breakout time" toward a nuclear bomb.

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