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Why this Satmar shtetl in New York is as American as apple pie

Kiryas Joel, rather than being a European hangover, might be the Jewish American future

How Brooklyn became the biggest Hungarian city outside Budapest

TAS TOBIAS: While few Chasidic Jews remained in Hungary after the Holocaust, Hungarian culture lives on among more than a 100,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn

Deborah Feldman on her new life and family healing since Unorthodox

CAROLINE BAUM talks to the best-selling author, who unloads surprising news about her ex-husband, life in Berlin, the unique mindset of Hasidim under Covid and Israel’s dangerous tilt to theocracy

The Haredi world has problems; that doesn’t make them evil

ELAD NEHORAI: The issue is not whether Haredi leaders should be blamed over social distancing, but that we separate the community from its leadership

Unorthodox shines an important light on those who leave the Haredi life

Although this Netflix series downplays the warmth in Satmar Judaism, ITTAY FLESCHER admires its validation of those seeking a different path. WATCH Ittay’s conversation with Dassi Erlich

Jersey City: ‘Black Hebrews’ shooter posted anti-Semitic content

Three Jewish victims remembered as generous Satmar community members, as authorities shy from declaring Jersey City attack anti-Semitic

Residents vote to create first ultra-Orthodox town in US

A referendum by residents of Monroe in New York state voted to separate from the Haredi community

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