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Sayed Kashua

‘I have to make the audience laugh to make them listen. Then I can say something awkward’

Arab-Israeli author Sayed Kashua explains his innovative tongue-in-cheek style that addresses “not just the dual identity of Israeli Arabs, but their tragic life in general”

Comic-serious film dissects complexities of Arab-Israeli identity

The complex relationships linking Israeli and Arab lives were explored and discussed last weekend at a special Plus61J screening of the film, A Borrowed Identity.

‘In Between’ – a window into changing lives of Israeli Palestinians

Israel's Arabs divided by film's portrayal of changing world – Fox News/AP 31.01.17 A new award-winning film about Arab women battling their conservative society has...

The sad longing of Sayed Kashua

The situation in Israel is only getting worse. So why do I still miss it? - Sayed Kashua – Haaretz 10.12.16 I wouldn’t dare go...

12 things that happened within hours of Trump’s victory

12 things that already happened within hours of Donald Trump being elected president – Jon Stone – The Independent 10.11.16 It did not take long...

Etgar Keret on ‘The Seven Good Years’, Facebook, Trump & Netanyahu

Facebook, Trump and Netanyahu: Author Etgar Keret explains why the world is under threat – DW.COM (Deutsche Welle) 04.11.16 Some see acclaimed Israeli author Etgar...

First major paper to endorse Trump is Sheldon Adelson’s

Sheldon Adelson-owned paper endorses Trump – The Times of Israel 24.10.16 Las Vegas Review-Journal is first, and so far only, major newspaper to back embattled...

Memories of Yom Kippur – Sayed Kashua, Etgar Keret & Daniel Gordis

Why I'm terrified of Yom Kippur - Sayed Kashua – Haaretz 08.10.16 My association with the Jewish Day of Atonement is distress, destruction and death;...

Hijab-wearing Olympian is good for the Jews

Why an American hijab-wearing Olympian is good for the Jews - Rabbi Jordie Gerson - The Forward 08.08.16 For all members of minority...

Israeli writer rejects Hon PhD from Ben Gurion University

Why Sayed Kashua is rejecting his honorary doctorate from Ben-Gurion University – Sayed Kashua – Haaretz 09.07.16 I don't support a boycott of Israeli academia....

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