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On a life of teaching

As the new school year begins, SIDRA KRANZ MOSHINSKY reflects on 18 years shaping the next generation of Australian Jews.

Victorian Education Minister condemns teacher advocacy for Palestinians

The call by inner city Melbourne teachers for a 'Week of Action' in support of Palestinians is divisive and inflammatory, said the minister.

EDITORIAL: On Jews, schools, and money

A Melbourne Jewish school is suing the parents of three children for unpaid fees. The bigger story is the need to rebuild the Jewish education economy.

Israel’s education system is blocking progressive messages 

BEN LYNFIELD: Israel’s Education Minister has banned bereaved Israelis and Palestinians from speaking to schoolchildren. Other liberal programs could face the same fate.

I was sure the sun revolved around the Earth. That’s what they taught us in yeshiva

YOSSI NEWFIELD’S personal experience accords with a recent ruling that many Haredi schools in New York are failing to meet state standards for basic secular education.

New cases of antisemitism at Melbourne’s state schools

Jewish teens were subject to Nazi salutes, antisemitic memes and even physical assaults in three cases at separate Melbourne secondary colleges reported to the Education Department.

Investigation finds thousands of Hasidic boys in London can barely speak English

A Times of London investigation has revealed thousands of pupils in London’s unregistered yeshiva high schools receive no secular education.

Asylum seekers fight segregation in Tel Aviv schools

Thousands of children of asylum seekers in Tel Aviv are channelled into what are often referred to as “Black’ schools” – with no Israeli students. Angry parents are taking the demand for integration to the Supreme Court.

‘I’ll stop your bloodline’: more antisemitism revelations in Sydney schools

Rose Bay Secondary College named as public school at centre of antisemitic messaging.

‘I hope your family gets gassed’: antisemitic bullying at Sydney schools

Jewish students subjected to Nazi salutes and persistent antisemitism at two Sydney schools.

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