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‘On Friday nights, we always do the lighting of the candles; I love doing it’

Alan Finkel, Australia’s former Chief Scientist, on the simple family pleasures he gets from Shabbat dinner and why the only god he will ever have is science

Israel and US use science projects to try to legitimise settlements before election

Washington expands US scientific cooperation to the West Bank settlements in move seen as a precursor to annexation; PA and Hamas both condemn decision

Jewish and Palestinian scientist team up for MIT home coronavirus test

Jonathan Gootenberg and Omar Abudayyeh are now the only researchers allowed inside the McGovern Institute, working relentlessly on an efficient, inexpensive test kit for COVID-19

Yaakov Litzman is unfit for the job of Israel’s health minister

EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON: He rejects modern science, improperly furthers Haredi interests and allegedly meddled in the Leifer case. Worse, he let the health system run down. Yet he is set to keep his role under the overnight unity deal

Seven Jewish values for the ecological challenge

RABBI FRED DOBB: Our fossil fuel addiction shows no sign of abating. The good news is we can still make a difference

Alan Finkel: Australia can ‘ship sunshine’ to Asia with hydrogen

In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ahead of his address at Emanuel synagogue, Australia’s chief scientist tells Wendy Frew about the benefits of a truly green energy with zero emissions

Nano-vaccine against melanoma developed by Tel Aviv University researchers

New approach to deadly skin cancer has been effective in preventing and treating primary tumours in mice, study says

Will Israeli scientists gravitate to Jordan’s new particle accelerator?

Less than 70 particle accelerators exist, nearly all in Europe and US. Last year, Jordan got one, as an outgrowth of the Oslo peace accords

Not so happily ever after: The dark secret of Three Identical Strangers

DEBORAH STONE: The tale of American triplets who discovered each other after being separated as babies uncovers a disturbing experiment in social engineering

Ultra-Orthodox scientist creates home device to monitor breast cancer

The ultrasound machine, called ‘Monither’, is the brainchild of a former biomedical scientist at NASA, Yehudit Abrams, who now lives in Jerusalem

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