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Israel has warned of a risk of terrorism in Australia. Is it justified?

The convergence of far right, far left and some Muslim attitudes to Jews and Israel is creating an unprecedented threat, argues extremism expert JOSH ROOSE.

Extra funding for Australian Jewish community security

Victoria Police say they will lay charges on anyone who uses the Nazi salute, after new legislation banning the gesture came into effect last week.

ASIO chief warns of ‘spontaneous violence’, growing threat in Australia

With murders related to the Middle East in the US, France and Belgium and other? hate crimes  increasing, the Australian government is providing $50 million to upgrade security.

What Jabotinsky got right, and what he got very wrong about Israel’s security

Israel’s PM recently paid homage to pioneer leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky, known for his advocating an ‘Iron Wall’ against Palestinians. ITTAY FLESCHER considers the implications.

High Court stops Ben-Gvir expanding power over police

The court has issued an injunction requiring the Knesset to justify an amendment expanding national security powers.

For a secure, democratic Israel, the only way is separation from the Palestinians: former security chiefs speak out

A group of 500 former senior Israel Defence Force commanders has released a powerful statement supporting a two-state solution on security grounds.

New facial recognition technology entrenches apartheid, says Amnesty

A new report from Amnesty International reveals that a system, called Red Wolf, scans the faces of Palestinians and stores their biometric data, a step up from the IDF's well-known Blue Wolf photo database.

Israel’s President steps up criticism, warns of impending disaster

As protests reach their largest numbers ever, Isaac Herzog described the proposed laws as wrong, destructive, and an affront to Israel's democratic values.

Al-Aqsa visit sparks new fears of violence

National Security Minister Ben-Gvir went up Temple Mount despite international protests and fears that the provocation could destabilise the fragile compromise at the holy site.

The compelling story on security and Judaism that the Israeli Left needs to rise from the flames

The Israeli Left will not recover until it confronts the Right’s dominant narratives on two major issues, writes ITTAY FLESCHER.

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