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Yom Kippur public prayer disrupted by protests against gender segregation

Hundreds of protesters prevented the holding of the Kol Nidre prayer in central Tel Aviv on Sunday after organisers attempted to separate men and women for the service.

60 percent of Israeli Jews favour segregation from Arabs

New surveys show Israeli Jews have swerved to the right; Netanyahu bloc more likely form government in new election

In 1967, the Israeli government was furiously against gender segregation at the Wall

Cabinet members expressed rage during a 1967 meeting about the ultra-Orthodox monopoly at the holy site

Segregation on campus: a carrot to get more students to attend universities

EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON: Gender segregation comes to Israel's publicly funded universities

Women made to watch public events on screens in separate halls from men

City of Beit Shemesh keeps ultra-Orthodox women in separate halls from men in extreme interpretation of ruling made by attorney general

Attorney General says segregated events OK in certain situations

Avichai Mandelblit issues guidelines for local authorities, saying separation permissible if it is desired by target audience and conditions for men and women are equal

Mother, child banned from park; refugees’ kids refused school enrolment

Two racially-based cases in Israel spark concern: Afula wants to deny non-residents entrance to a local park; Petach Tikvah refuses to enrol 129 school children of Eritrean asylum seekers

Netanyahu accused over talks with Haredim to segregate men, women

PM rejects TV report claiming draft agreement between Likud and ultra-Orthodox parties to change law barring discriminatory separation between men and women in public

Three Israeli hospitals concede they segregate maternity wards on request

After lawsuit by Palestinian advocacy group, health organisation tells court: ‘the purpose of their stay is not to create an artificial melting pot' of Jewish and Arab mothers

Israeli education body approves gender segregation at university

Controversial move by Council for Higher Education perceived as way of attracting more ultra-Orthodox Jews into universities

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