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The only Australian who has founded a West Bank settlement

In 2000 Michael Lourie set up some mobile homes before building permanent structures in Pnei Kedem, without permission from Israeli authorities.

Israel advances plans for over 7,000 housing units in settlements, legalising outposts

Despite international outcry, government is putting forward more plans for housing units in the West Bank. It’s more than the total approved in the previous two years.

Australia joins condemnation of Israel over illegal settlements in occupied territory

UAE cancels UN vote on Israel's settlements after PA bows to US pressure to withdraw planned vote; Security Council passes symbolic statement condemning settlements.

Power talks: how settler language is infiltrating Israel

MATAN SANDLER: Words and phrases that normalise and depoliticise settlements in the West Bank have become mainstream in public discourse.

‘I realised it has been easier for me to talk to those who are furthest away’

EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON: Women Wage Peace reach out to religious women at the West Bank settlement of Tekoa in a bid to find common ground.

Settlement organisation has a new target, and authorities are ready to help

After striking down roots in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan, the right-wing association Elad has marked the Hinnom Valley for its next expansion project.

Bennett reduced new settler housing to 4000 units to appease US, coalition

Original plan for nearly 6000 homes cut down after pressure from left-wing MKs and US, which condemned the approvals

The Beita uprising: ‘We are ready to pay double to kick the settlers out’

Ben Lynfield visits the West Bank town offering surprising resistance to the Israeli army’s efforts to transform Palestinian land into a new settlement

Israel’s ‘economic peace’ is hollowing out the Palestinian economy

SAM BAHOUR: Bennett’s initiative to entice Palestinians to work in Israel’s high-tech sector will make it harder for the struggling Palestinian economy to stand on its own two feet

After green-lighting settlements, Israel advances 1,303 Palestinian units

Only 170 homes were given final clearance, while rest have more hurdles to climb; decision follows approval of major settlement construction last week

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