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Gaza carnage turns West Bank into tinder box ready to explode

A spike in Palestinian deaths, increased army raids, settler provocation and seething anger at Gaza point to an eruption of violence.

‘A new Nakba’: settler violence forces Palestinians out of West Bank villages

Communities who have clung on for decades are leaving their homes in the face of rising attrition by settlers.

Settler shoots dead Palestinian harvesting olives in West Bank

Video shows at least four settlers dressed in white; shooting occurs amid rising tensions in the West Bank following October 7 massacre.

As tensions spread to West Bank, settler violence surges

More than 50 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank since last week’s Hamas attack, about eight at the hands of settlers.

Almost 600 settler attacks on Palestinians over past six months

Settlers arrested after Palestinian man killed in attack on Burqa; Israeli guard killed in terror attack in Tel Aviv.

Footage shows Israeli settlers breaking into Palestinian homes accompanied by soldiers

One video shows settlers ordering a Palestinian woman to open a storage closet in her home, in another a settler is seen entering a home as a soldier stands at the entrance

RALPH GENENDE: Religious voices cannot stay silent about settler violence

I identify with the horror at the murder of innocent citizens of Israel. But I am deeply distressed by the violent rhetoric and actions of my fellow religious Jews.

Palestinians fear settler attacks foreshadow mass expulsions

Fear is deep among Palestinians in the West Bank after a rash of settler attacks on Palestinian villages last week. Palestinian and Israeli analysts outline their concerns to BEN LYNFIELD.

The Israeli human rights group that stands up to Jewish terrorism

Founded to support Palestinian victims of settler violence, Tag Meir is now fighting systemic problems.

How messianic settlers occupied Israel, threatening Arabs and secular democracy

BEN LYNFIELD: Religious Zionism’s election success has created a platform to spread the anti-democratic values of messianic settlers throughout Israeli society.

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