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Are self-driving cars kosher? On shabbat?

San Francisco rabbis weigh in as robotaxis flood the city’s streets.

Conservative rabbis endorse use of electric cars on Shabbat, but it was far from unanimous

Twin decisions illustrate a divide within the movement over the proper way to preserve the day of rest.

Netanyahu rejects reports that religious party demands no electricity on Shabbat

Incoming PM maintains religious status quo will continue and also rejects report of more separate beaches

The Jewish community’s boardroom problem starts in the kitchen

ELANA BENJAMIN: To move towards gender equity in leadership, Jewish bodies must acknowledge and address the pressures that Jewish women face every day.

How observant should Israel’s Orthodox PM be on Shabbat?

SHMUEL ROSNER: For more than 2000 years, the Jewish people did not have to worry about a leader who observes Shabbat. Then Naftali Bennett became PM

‘On Friday nights, we always do the lighting of the candles; I love doing it’

Alan Finkel, Australia’s former Chief Scientist, on the simple family pleasures he gets from Shabbat dinner and why the only god he will ever have is science

Israel has entered third lockdown, with one-kilometre distance limit

Merchants up in arms as retail and leisure shuts down; minister orders officials not to vaccinate Palestinian security prisoners despite Covid directives

Bill to approve public transport on Shabbat in Israel is defeated

Meretz MK Tamar Zandberg introduces legislation banning the use of ministerial cars and drivers on Shabbat after bill defeated

‘As soon as it is safe, we will all welcome the return to communality’

DEBORAH STONE: Judaism is a communal culture. Losing our ability to gather for a period is a reminder of how essential it is to who we are, as people and as a people

High Court case: can kosher restaurants open on Shabbat?

The Chief Rabbinate has for a long time refused to grant kashrut licenses for restaurants which open on Shabbat

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